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Now that I’m in University, the single most common question I get asked is “So… Have you met anyone you’re interested in yet?”.

In high school, it was looked down on to be in a relationship because I was “too young” and I needed to “focus on school”. But, as soon as university started, people decided to do a complete 180. What makes me so different now? When I started university, I was only 2 months older than when I was in high school. Are you telling me now that it’s okay to be in a relationship because the status of being in a post-secondary institution makes me older? More mature?

I really hate it when I get asked that question by family and family friends every time they visit. They remind me that a lot of people find their soul mate during this time and I should really seize the opportunity. After having the same conversation over and over again, I start feeling rushed. Like I have to find someone within the few years I’m studying or else it will be significantly harder to do so and I might not be able to find my true love. To be honest, this mindset is horrible to have when looking for a potential partner because I’m feeling compelled to be in a relationship instead of being in one because I truly like the person. Also, with this mindset, I find it harder to find someone I’ll truly be happy with.

I’m in my second year of university, I’m not in a relationship, and currently, there’s no one I’m interested in being with. All I can say is give it time… Love isn’t something that should be rushed. When the time comes, I will find my soul mate and I will live my happily ever after. But until then, just be patient. I’m not in a rush to find someone, so why should you?