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What is Love? Is it how the person looks when he/she is standing beside you? Is it the words they use when talking to you? Or is it the things that they do for you? Maybe it’s all of that combined… Or maybe it’s non of it.

Sometimes when you meet someone, you just know. You feel your heart racing faster and faster and as time progresses with that person, it all starts to make sense. It’s the way they look at you, how they make you smile, and how they make you feel. In those moments while you’re with them, even if it’s just for a second, you forget all about your flaws. They made you forget… Because they love you for who you truly are, without the makeup, the hairspray, the gel, the perfume, cologne, etc. They understand who you are behind the artificial cover.

Is that all love is though? Love is also the willingness to accept one another’s flaws and minor mistakes, while embracing each others’ differences. Love is so hard to explain, because it’s everything that person makes you feel, act, think, and how empty you feel when it’s no longer there.