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Now, I’m not one to fan girl about celebrities or anything, but I was (and still am) totally fan girling for him! Not only is he a good swimmer, but he’s also extremely down to earth and it doesn’t hurt that he’s quite the looker as well…

I have to admit, I was first attracted to him by his incredibly good looks, but I later learned that he was an incredible freestyle, sprint swimmer and was also in the navy. He’s not like some of the other athletes who make up an excuse for not winning. He’s extremely real in the sense that he speaks realistically of his performances. If he thinks that he did his best, he says it, even if he didn’t place. As long as he’s satisfied with his performance, then that’s all that matters. And come on.. he’s only 23. He still has some time to improve. It would be pretty great to watch him compete in future competitions as well. Either way, I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of us when I say that he is an ∞/10. Let’s go China!

He’s like.. cute and hot… Does that even make any sense?!?

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So mesmerizing…


How can you even resist that face??! Soooo cutee!


Abs for days…


Too cutee! I would love to be at the opposite side of that table.


Okay, okay.. Last one.

Do you see what I mean now when I say cute and hot?? 😍