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I never really realized how much I loved the night life until now.

I have always been a night owl vs an early riser. It’s easy for me to stay awake past 3am but it’s agonizing for me to wake up at 10am the next day. During high school, staying up late was just a habit. Regardless if it was for school, or if I was watching a show, I never felt like I was “addicted” to staying awake. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wasn’t overly excited because I was staying awake to do things. That all changed when I started¬†university…

Being away from home, I had soo much more freedom to do what I want, when I wanted. If I wanted to get bubble tea with some friends at 11pm, we would hop on a bus and go. If my friends and I were bored and couldn’t sleep at 3am, we would walk down to McDonalds to get a cookies or something just to cure the boredom. It was honestly the best. I loved being out at night. I guess this is especially intriguing and exciting for me because regardless of what time it was, there will always be other people around you who are also up, doing the same thing. It was just so lively to be up, doing things late at night.

I’m back home right now as it’s the summer break, and I haven’t been able to stay out as late as I want to because my parents are a bit restrictive with the time that I have to be home. Because of this, I usually hang out with friends during the day and only rarely go out at night. Recently, I went out with my friends in the evening to get some food and just hang out. It was then that I realized how much I loved being out. The night scenery, the music, the cool breeze running through my hair, being with my other fellow night owls, just the excitement. When I’m out, I don’t feel tired. All I feel is the rush of excitement. There’s just so much more to do at night! It’s addicting I tell you.

Addicted… I am addicted to the lively, exciting, night life.