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Sometimes I just don’t understand.. I mean, even if something is bothering them, they should still kind of be nice or relatively nice about it right?

I don’t know… I was skyping with my parents in my room and when I finished and went downstairs, one of my roommates, who is also my best friend, told me that I was being too loud and that when I’d say something, she’d yell the same thing back… Is it just me or is that just kind of rude and disrespectful?? Not only that, but she is now mad at me and is talking to me in a rude tone. I understand that I was bothering her, but she could have went about it a better way… I mean, if the roles were reversed, I might be upset, but I’d understand because she’s talking with her parents and it’s not like she’s doing it on purpose… I just though that as a best friend and just for the common courtesy, she would have said it in a better way and just be more understanding… She knows that I’ve been missing home a LOT, so I don’t know why she would yell back the same things I was saying which to me seems like she’s mocking me and really being disrespectful. I could totally be over reacting right now, but it’s just how I thought of the whole thing.

I guess this is the only place where I can really vent and share these feelings I’ve been having. If you guys have anything to share, leave it in the comments 🙂