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You know, I never really thought it was that big of a deal to fail a driving test… I mean, you’re going to get it eventually, it’s just a matter of time. That was until I failed my driving test..

Going into this, I was just hoping to pass on my first shot, trying to make it a one time thing. It was going so well too and I was sure that I was going to pass until I turned into the intersection that leads to the entrance of the testing centre. Stupid cars don’t really give a damn if you’re doing a test or not. I really thought that maybe, they would have tried to help me.. But nope. While I was trying to change lanes, a car speeds up and passes me from behind right when I was going to change lanes. That screwed me over. At that point I knew that I could kiss that licence good bye.

Now talking a bit about my driving instructor.. He was absolutely horrible. I hated him. He would always be late to lessons, cancel lessons last minute, forget that we scheduled a lesson, etc. I was so pissed at him for making this experience so much more complicated than it needs to be and less enjoyable. I mean, even in the day of the test, he came 30 minutes late… Who does this?? I was panicing! Gosh… I guess it’s just my bad luck that I got him as my instructor… He also kind of pushed everything to the last minute. So, for the first 7 lessons, he would just take you driving on the street. On the last few lessons, he finally taught me parking and lane switched… I’m just glad that I’m done with him now. Next time I attempt this test, I’m going to use my parent’s car. 👍

I’m not trying to push the blame 1st the beginning of this post, but just trying to vent a bit. I know that it was definitely my fault for not seeing the car sooner and reacting properly to it. But as I was saying earlier, I never thought that it was a huge deal. But I actually thought of it as a huge deal when I failed even though other people didn’t… I guess that’s just my personality right? Sigh.. Back to practicing and hoping that the second shot will be better.