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From the moment I applied to universities, I’ve also planned out the residences that I wanted to stay in. After I accepted my offer of admission, my friend and I decided that we were going to find 2 other roommates so that our chances of getting the residence of our choice would increase. My heart was already set on being in an apartment styled suite so if finding roommates is going to increase my chances of getting it, I’m willing to give it a shot.

Let me tell you, finding roommates isn’t as easy as you may think. Sure, a lot of other students are also looking for roommates, but finding ones that have the same room preference along with similar interests and values might require a bit more time and research. You wouldn’t want to live with people who you may not get along with, so actually spend some time talking to people and see if they’re the best fit for you before you agree on living together! Trust me, asking questions is a great thing!

At first when my friend and I posted a post on Facebook, asking if anyone wanted to room with us, we found 2 girls who seemed really sweet and out going. After about a month, we were notified by one of our roommates, telling us that she received another offer and was planning on attending that school instead. Well, at that point, it wasn’t the best news to hear.. I mean, residence rankings and registration was starting in a few weeks and finding another person might be a bit challenging. After a while, my friend and I were talking, and realized that our values and actions might not exactly mix with the other roommate that we’ve originally planned on being with. Once again, I cannot stress enough on how you should talk to your potential roommates ahead of time to ensure that your decision is the right one!

So anyways, now we’re back at square one. In the midst of desperately searching for 2 other roommates, we each received a message from 2 different people, wondering if we can all be roommates. This time, the girl that I was talking to was asking various questions and confirming with me if I was okay with certain habits and actions (she’s the one who made me realize how important asking questions is). Long story short, everything went well and we finally had a group of 4.

We had everything planned. We registered everything perfectly and thought of the things that we need and split it up among ourselves. The day finally came when we were going to find out our individual room assignments. I found out that the assignments were available when I was on the bus, going to a friend’s birthday celebration. As soon as I realized that it was available, I quickly logged onto my account with my phone and saw that not only did we not get the room that we wanted, but we were put into a townhouse… At first, we were all skeptical and weren’t the happiest, but as time progressed, we soon saw it as an opportunity to experience something new. Sure, it’s not the ideal residence and it is kind of isolated from the rest of the school, but who knows? The online reviews were pretty good. Furthermore, the room is a lot bigger than the other ones and if we really required to grab a late night snack or something, it wouldn’t be as distracting since the kitchen is downstairs. It’s quite a pleasant surprise actually.

Now, I’m really excited to be moving into this new home in September! One piece of advice that’s actually helped me, is that when things don’t go the way you planned or hoped, don’t be too disappointed. Go into it with an open mind! πŸ™‚ Because if you don’t, you might turn something that was suppose to be a beautiful experience, into something that’s horrendous. And that’s all because you never gave it a chance and assumed the worst from the beginning. πŸ™‚ This doesn’t just apply to experiences like this, but everything else in life! Be optimistic and not pessimistic!