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To this day, I still don’t know if I made the right University choice. I followed my heart and chose the program that I’ve been loving since the 10th grade. I chose this school in the suburbs as oppose to a prestigious school in the big city. Not sure if I chose this because it was the safer bet, but trust me when I say that it was not an easy decision.

I’ve been going back and forth on this even before I received any offer of admission. “I love this school and the program… But this one is internationally recognized… Which one is going to be more beneficial for me? What’s the right decision? Is there a so called ‘right decision’ for this topic?” Constant questions raided my mind. This was probably one the most important decision of my life. If I made the wrong one, then my life from then on would constantly be a battle to reach my definition of Success. If I made the right one, then all I have to do is continue walking down the path that I’ve started.

I will never know if my decision is the right one. All I know is to continue walking and create my own path to success. That’s all I can do instead of regretting the decisions I didn’t make.